One Life

One Life.

how do you taking your life ? did you ever put any thought on it. Life is an art, science or to tackle as a just life…..
How do you know that you are actually living your life. Have you ever asked to self ? One life, One destiny , One dream , One Love. Give your self into the thing in which you are passionate. Whether it can be either writing , dancing, swimming, singing, jumping…. Live it . I think in universe lacs of people have already posted tons of posts on life. I am one of you. Friends I must say life is with full of joy and sorrow. Like heartbeat there is ups and downs in life and there is one machine which generally doctors use when patient is in danger situation and Dr. check it is steno graph. Your life should be like a royal .Whether you don’t have a single penny  , though you can live a life . Your sub conscious mind will behave as you tell him to work. its a greatest property of Human Body.

Last but not Least Devote yourself into the LIFE. Its preciousness you can not count ever.


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